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What Are the Texas Pick 3 Bet Types?

How Do You Play New Jersey Pick-3 Midday?

It’s easy to get started with New Jersey Pick-3 at theLotter!

Fill in your entry with three numbers from 0-9 and then select your bet type. There are seven exciting bet options to choose from, including: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Wheel, Front Pair, Back Pair and Split Pair.

Here’s how each bet type works:

  • Straight - Match the winning numbers drawn in exact order.

  • Box - Match the winning numbers drawn in any order.

  • Straight/Box - Simply the Straight and Box bets combined into one easy purchase.

  • Front Pair - Match the first two numbers.

  • Back Pair - Match the final two numbers.

  • Split Pair - Match the first and third numbers.

  • Wheel - Match all three numbers in any order and win the Straight prize.*

*This bet type multiplies the wager amount by the number of straight combinations covered.

Once you've determined your preferred bet type, select your wager amount, submit your order, and you're all set!

Submitted an entry for a Pick-3 Midday draw? Check the latest Pick-3 Midday results shortly after every draw to see if you’re a winner!

*At this stage, Fireball is unavailable at theLotter NJ.

How Much Can You Win Playing Pick-3?

How Much Can You Win Playing Pick-3?

The amounts you can win with Pick-3 depend on several factors, including bet types, wager amounts and the odds themselves.

For example, if you were to select the ‘Straight’ bet type with odds of 1:1000, a $1 wager would net you a $500 prize! If you wagered $5, you would win $2,500!

Naturally, the larger the odds, the larger the potential winnings!

What Are the Advantages of Playing Pick-3 Online?

What Are the Advantages of Playing Pick-3 Online?

Ordering Pick-3 tickets online offers numerous benefits! You can conveniently order official tickets from the comfort of your own home, ensuring they're always safe and accessible in your online account.

Plus, with theLotter NJ, you'll never miss out on a win because you'll receive notifications by email/SMS any time your ticket wins!

Participating in your favorite lottery games online is the hassle-free, secure way to satisfy your lottery cravings, whether you're on-the-go or at home!

When Can You Play Pick-3?

When Can You Play Pick-3?

Pick-3 Midday draws occur daily at 12.59 p.m.

You can also order tickets for Pick-3 Evening, the other Pick daily draw, with draws held at 10.57 p.m. For more information about Pick 3 Midday/Evening draws, you can also visit the official New Jersey Pick 3 site.