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How Do You Fill in a NJ Pick-3 Evening Entry?

How Do You Fill in a Pick-3 Evening Entry?

Just like it’s name, to get started with Pick-3 Evening, all you need to do is select three of your lucky numbers!

To submit an entry for Pick-3 Evening you must select three numbers from a range 0-9 and your desired bet type. Pick-3 offers seven ways to win: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Wheel, Front Pair, Back Pair and Split Pair.

Here’s how each bet type works:

  • Straight - Match the winning numbers drawn in exact order.

  • Box - Match the winning numbers drawn in any order.

  • Straight/Box - Simply the Straight and Box bets combined into one easy purchase.

  • Front Pair - Match the first two numbers.

  • Back Pair - Match the final two numbers.

  • Split Pair - Match the first and third numbers.

  • Wheel - Match all three numbers in any order and win the Straight prize.*

*This bet type multiplies the wager amount by the number of straight combinations covered.

Did you take part in a Pick-3 Evening draw? Check the latest Pick-3 Evening results, posted shortly after the draw at 10.57 p.m.

*At this stage, Fireball is unavailable at theLotter NJ.

How Do You Win New Jersey Pick-3 Prizes?

How Do You Win New Jersey Pick-3 Prizes?

To win a New Jersey Pick-3 prize, you need to match or partially match the numbers that come up in the draw, depending on your chosen bet type.

For example, if you were to play a ‘Straight’ bet, you would need to match all three numbers, in the exact order they are drawn.

However, if you chose the ‘Box’ bet type, you still need to match all the winning numbers, but this can be in any order. If you elected for one of the ‘Pair’ bet types, you only need to match two of the three winning numbers, depending on the Pair type you selected.

As you can see, you can win prizes in several ways with Pick-3 - and this only adds to the excitement!

For more information about this lottery game, check out the official New Jersey Pick 3 site.

What Happens When You Win a Pick-3 Evening Prize at theLotter NJ?

What Happens When You Win a Pick-3 Evening Prize at theLotter NJ?

Did you win a prize with Pick-3? Congratulations! Not sure?

Whether you check the results of the draw you entered or not, rest assured that theLotter NJ will swiftly notify you of any wins by email/SMS. Prizes of up to $600 will be transferred directly to your account, upon confirmation of your win from the official lottery operator. These funds can then be withdrawn or used for further lottery fun!

Larger prizes will need to be collected in person from a licensed retailer, in this case we will assist you in coordinating and receiving your prize(s).

Does theLotter New Jersey Offer Other Pick Lotteries?

Does theLotter NJ Offer Other Pick Lotteries?

Yes! At theLotter NJ, you can also participate in New Jersey’s Pick-4 lottery.

Both Pick-3 and Pick-4 draws occur daily at 12.59 p.m and 10,57 p.m; each featuring a Midday and Evening draw. Pick-3 Midday draws offer the same great prizes offered by Pick-3 Evening!