theLotter NJ's Online Lottery Courier Services

When you order with theLotter NJ's lottery courier services, you will be able to see a copy of the ticket in your private account. This copy not only gives you proof that the ticket was actually purchased but also proves your ownership.

How does our lottery messenger service work?

how does our lottery messenger service work

We Buy

After you make your lottery order on our site, our lottery messenger service will purchase official tickets on your behalf from licensed lottery retailers. The tickets will show not only the numbers you selected and the play options you chose, but the date, time, and location of purchase as well. They are then securely stored in our office until all prizes are claimed and the tickets expire.

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We Scan

After the tickets are purchased on your behalf, each one is scanned into our system and matched to the appropriate transaction in your account. In some lotteries, however, we provide a reasonable facsimile of the tickets for operational reasons. You can see the specific ticket you paid for in your password-protected online account.

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You See

We guarantee that a scan of every ticket you buy on the site, or a graphic representation, will be available to view in your account before the draw. However, in rare cases, circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from making the purchase in time. In these rare cases, the order will be canceled and refunded in full to your account, with additional compensation.

How much time do lottery courier services take?

As soon as your tickets are scanned you will be able to see them in your account. If you'd like, we can notify you directly once they're scanned. You can select this option in Notifications in your account. Since our lottery courier services have to physically purchase the tickets, purchases on the site close approximately thee hours prior to the lottery draw.

Where can I see my order?

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Go to My Account.

  3. Choose the order you wish to see from the Entries table.

  4. A copy of your official ticket will appear on the right hand side of the screen under “Your Ticket”.

  5. Click on the image of the ticket to see a larger version of the scan.

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Ticket ownership

As our customer, we provide you with the following proofs of purchase, establishing your legal right to the ticket and the prize (in case of a win):

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Purchase Confirmation Email
A confirmation email sent directly to the email you provided upon registration. The purchase confirmation email will contain the details of the ticket purchased, including the chosen lottery, your selected numbers, and the draw date.

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Your Scanned Ticket
A copy of the ticket purchased on your behalf will be displayed in your account, providing additional proof that it was indeed purchased for you by theLotter NJ, in accordance with your purchase order.

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Records Are Always Available
Your participation information is permanently saved in your account record, and your account records can be printed at any time.

Claiming the Prize

lottery courier services

When you win a secondary prize up until a certain amount as determined by the official lottery operator, the prize will be collected by our office on your behalf and transferred directly to your account on the site. You can choose to use the prize money for future draw participation or withdraw it to your chosen payment method.

When you win a larger prize, you will need to collect it on your own from an official lottery claim center. In this case, we will make sure you receive the original physical ticket soon after the draw takes place. Jackpot prizes may need to be collected directly from the official lottery headquarters.

Please note: You cannot print the scanned copy of your ticket in order to claim the prize yourself. Prizes can be claimed only with the original.

Any more questions?

You can contact our Customer Service team with any question you may have regarding your scanned ticket and our lottery courier service.